Forutsigelse av kamp: Tundra Esports - Gaimin Gladiators | Dota 2

The marathon of important dota continues. Next in line is the second match of the penultimate game day between Tundra Esports and Gaimin Gladiators.

The duel is extremely important. The closer to the end of the season, the higher the degree of tension, and we are essentially at a climax.

Gaimin Gladiators will enter the match in second place with 4-2 stats in series. The team has 9 won maps and 6 lost ones, and winning the series will greatly increase the chance of getting to Lima to participate in the major tournament of the same name.

Adding interest to the match is the fact that Tundra Esports has a completely similar situation. The team shares the same 2nd place with GG and has the same plans for the near future.

We are trying to figure out which of the teams will leave their direct competitor behind and actually guarantee passage to the Major in Lima.

Tundra Esports Uniform

Let's start the review of the fight with an analysis of the game form of the reigning world champions from Tundra Esports. They will be listed as the favorite in the duel.

Bookmakers believe in Tundra. The chance of their victory is estimated by the coefficient in the region of 1.35.

To be honest, I don't quite understand why Tundr should give such an advance. As for me, in the new season the team does not play to the indicator attributed to them in this match, although I agree with their nominal advantage.

Tundra Esports roster

The champion roster Tundra showed a very noble game at the beginning of the season, but got tired during the games. No wonder, because when you play together for more than a year, one way or another, fatigue begins to accumulate.

Tundra Esports Players

  • skiter
  • Nine
  • 33
  • Saksa
  • sneyking

However, the Tundra are not without sin. We saw it during the season, and the chance to see it in a match is low, but it is there.

Tundra Esports Performance

Tundra Esports got to The International 2022 from the 9th place in the DPC table. All thanks to a landmark performance during the season.

The team took the TOP-3 at the DPC WEU 2021/2022 Tour 1: Division 1, after which they entered only the TOP-4 at the regional finals without earning DPC points.

The second round in the regional league did not start much better: Tundra took 4th place at home, which did not bring much DPC points, but gave something much more important - a ticket to ESL One Stockholm. At the first real Major of the year, Tundra Esports took third place.

Inspired by getting into the TOP-3 at ESL One Stockholm, Tundra approached the third round of the DPC with renewed vigor, where, unlike the previous ones, they shone. The first place in the regional league of Western Europe allowed the Saksa team to advance to the second Major of the year.

The team took TOP-16 at the second major tournament, which, after TOP-8 at the commercial Riyadh Master, seriously reduced faith in the club at the upcoming The International.

The International 2022 itself turned out to be phenomenally easy for Tundra Esports. Having given away only a few cards during the event, the team made it to the grand final, where they finished Team Secret with a score of 3-0 without much difficulty.

Before the start of DPC 2022/2022: WEU Upper Division - Winter Tour, the team took a well-deserved vacation.

The rest did not prevent the team from debuting at DPC 2023 with an easy victory. Tundra dealt with OG with a score of 2-0.

After OG, Tundra Esports played against Nigma Galaxy, where for the first time since The International they showed weakness, giving away a map to weak opponents this season.

Further - even more interesting. On the way Tundra became Team Liquid, which outplayed the reigning world champions with a score of 2-0.

The match against Into The Breach turned out to be problematic. The newcomers of the top division managed to take the map from the mastodons of the world DotA.

After a viscous series with ITB Tundra met with Team Secret. There the champions of The International 2022 rested: 2-0 in favor of Tundra.

Before the match with Gladiators, Tundra Esports played Entity. The problems that I mentioned above were revealed and Tundra stumbled, seemingly out of the blue, losing by a far from peak Entity with a score of 1-2.

Heroes Tundra Esports

The most selected Tundra character is Rubick, appreciated by the world champions. He has appeared 4 times and has a perfect win rate.

In addition, another popular hero, Tusk, appeared 4 times. However, he still lost one game.

The signature Beastmaster 33 performed even worse. The character was chosen 4 times and won 2 matches.

Gaimin Gladiators Uniform

Let's continue the review with the analysis of Gaimin Gladiators game form. In this match, they will appear before us in the status of an outsider.

Experts leave GG hopeful, but in general they evaluate the team as much weaker than Tundra. Odds for winning at around 3 with a ponytail.

Obviously, there are questions about the game for Gladiators. It is undulating, which reminds OG and it is because of this that they are now in a scrupulous position.

Line-up Gladiators

They are in this position also because of the composition of the team, or rather because of the replacement. Quinn came to GG to replace BOOM and this is a new challenge for the American player.

GG Players

  • dyrachyo
  • Quinn
  • Ace
  • tOfu
  • Celeri

Newcomer Quinn is playing at this level for the first time in Western Europe. Naturally, there is a place for stress, and the competitiveness of the local teams is much higher than in North America, which opens up more opportunities for development.

Performance Gaimin Gladiators

We started last season with an unexpected TOP-1 in the Western European DPC WEU 2021/2022 Tour 1: Regional Final. Then there was a good TOP-3 at D2CL Season 7 and second place in the second round of the DPC.

Their first major of the season, ESL One Stockholm 2022, the team finished in 4th place. Very good, as for a debut, but then there was a decline.

The team failed the 3rd round of the DPC, taking 6th place, but retained a slot for the next season. Then there was TOP-6 at Dota 2 Champions League Season 13.

At The International 2022, the team took TOP-9-12, which can be considered an acceptable result.

In the new season, Gaimin Gladiators were baptized by fighting as part of the BB Xmas Show. Despite the problems with the roster and the absence of dyrachyo at the final of the tournament, Gladiators outplayed Team Spirit, taking the championship and getting a big boost at the start of the season.

In the first series of DPC 2023, GG went through a baptism of fire by defeating Entity. The team won the match 2-1.

Next up was Team Secret with former GG player BOOM. Secret didn't manage to oppose anything and lost with a score of 0-2, as in every match this season.

The third series against OG followed a completely opposite scenario. GG lost with a score of 0-2, spoiling their statistics, but without making critical mistakes.

Then Gaimin Gladiators played against Nigma Galaxy. I had to tinker, but the outcome was in favor of GG - 2-1 for dyrachyo and company.

In their fifth match, Gaimin Gladiators faced Team Liquid. Despite the expectation of an easy game for the “liquids”, it didn't happen: on the second map, GG closed out Nish and Huskar's company, which brought them victory. In the end, GG still lost, but hurting Liquid in the 2023 season is already an indicator.

Gaimin Gladiators penultimate opponent was Into The Breach. The promising team at the beginning of the season did not stand the test of time: ITB lost with a score of 0-2 and left the first division of Western Europe.

Heroes Gaimin Gladiators

The most chosen character is Hoodwink. The support has appeared 8 times and has a 50% win rate.

Next up is Leshrac with 7 spawns and a 57% win rate. The same number of maps were played on Crystal Maiden (7 appearances. 42% of wins).

IO (which is not popular with other teams), Natures Prophet and Rubick appeared 6 times each. The first has a positive win rate of 66%, the other two have parity (50% wins).

History of personal confrontations

Earlier in the new year, the teams did not play each other in official matches. The teams will play their first face-to-face confrontation since the start of the season.

Match outcome

In this duel, I expect an approximate equal game, despite all the input data. I believe that GG will be able to impose a fight and will not be so behind.

The latest Tundra games don't inspire confidence. They throw cards where they shouldn't, and the Gladiators are clearly no whipping boys.

Result: total +2.5.

I følge ledende bookmakers spådommer er laget Gaimin Gladiators favoritten med gjennomsnittlige odds 2.171 for øyeblikket. Bookmakere anser henholdsvis Tundra Esports for å være kampens outsider med odds på seier på summen av ca. 4.375.

Hva er suksessene til lagene i de siste kampene

Siste kamper Tundra Esports Gaimin Gladiators
5 kamper (seire) 4 [bortevinnerrate_5]
10 kamper (seire) 9 7

Gamblere vil definitivt være interessert i statistikken over personlige møter mellom lagene. Deltakerne i kampen før møtet spilte 3 kamper med hverandre. I disse kampene vant Tundra Esports 1 ganger, Gaimin Gladiators aktive consisits av 2 seire.