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The penultimate game day of DPC 2023: EEU Upper Division on the winter tour will bring us another iteration of the derby between NaVi and Vp. Now the “new era” is not only for black and yellow.

The duel, like almost everything in the final series, is very important. For some, this is a chance to catch on to the Major, and for the second, a necessary condition for continuing to play in the top division next season. at the end of 6 rounds retain chances for a trip to Lima. The team has 3-3 match statistics behind them and 4th place in the standings, and a victory here is necessary to get into potential replays.

NaVi cannot boast of such prospects. However, like VP, they can get into replays, but for the relegation: now the “born to win” have 1-4 in the standings and a margin of two matches to secure themselves from the relegation zone.

Let's figure out which of the teams will be stronger and earn an important victory that will affect the further fate of the team in the top DPC league.


Let's start the review of the match by reviewing's game form. The team will play as the favorite.

The bookies believe in the success of VP. The chance of their victory is estimated by the coefficient in the region of 1.5.

Pretty bold figure for a team like VP. They are certainly several steps higher than their future opponent, but I do not observe a significant difference in the quality of the game. roster

I would say that VP play to the best of their ability. So, as allows the newly assembled, inexperienced composition. players

  • krylat
  • squad1x
  • Noticed
  • sayw
  • Dukalis

In general, I can’t say anything bad about VP representatives. The trouble is that there is nothing particularly good. performance

VP started the season with the BB Xmas Show, but before the tournament, already in a new guise, VP took part in D2CL Season 17. The warm-up tournament with an objectively weak list of participants ended sadly for

As part of D2CL Season 17, VP took TOP-6, which is clearly far from optimal results. As part of the BetBoom Xmas Show, the team will get a chance to rectify the situation, but so far nothing hints at this.

In the first match of the playoffs, VP somehow got past PuckChamp, beating them 2-1. Then there was a match against Gaimin Gladiators and a loss with a score of 0-2, although not without a struggle on the first map.

Then there was the start of DPC 2023. The team started with a 0-2 defeat against BB Team, where former performers play together with TORONTOTOKYO.

Later, VP met with Darkside, where there are also members of various iterations of VP (Ramzes and RodjER). The team turned out to be surprisingly ready for the match and closed the series with a score of 2-0.

In the third match, played with Nemiga Gaming. Being the outsiders of that match, VP broke the pre-match statistics for the second time and outplayed the favorite.

In the fourth game, faced HellRaisers. The higher class opponent left no chances for the “bears” and they naturally lost with a score of 0-2.

Before the match with Spririt, played against One Move. The penultimate team in the standings lost with a score of 0-2 and gave VP hope for a brighter future.

Heroes's most picked character remains Disruptor (9 matches, 55% win rate). On the heels of the Thunderer is Undying (8 matches, 50% of wins).

Also chosen by VP are Shadow Fiend (4 matches, 75% win rate), Silencer (4 matches, 50% win rate), Lina (4 matches, 50% win rate).


Let's continue the review with an analysis of NAVI's game form. They will play as an outsider in this fight.

Bookmakers don’t really believe in “born to win”. The team's chance of winning is estimated by a factor of 2.4.

The figure quite accurately reflects what is happening with black and yellow during the season. And there is a classic, not otherwise.

Roster NaVi

Well, it's impossible not to link the situation of NAVI and their roster. Focusing on young blood, Natus Vincere once again broke off: the team shows an extremely mediocre game and definitely does not pull on a team worthy to enter the TOP-3.

NAVI players

  • V tune
  • Nicky'Cool
  • laise
  • sweden strong
  • Malady

Another surprising fact is the lack of a full-fledged coach on the roster. As for me, this makes it clear how unpromising NaVi's management looks at the Dota 2 division.

NaVi results

Since NaVi managed to keep the backbone, let's remember for what merits V-Tune, laise and Swedenstrong remained in the top Eastern European club.

NaVi played in the first division of Eastern Europe last season, where they showed “mixed” results. In the first season, the team finished in 5th place, after which they took 6th place in the regional finals.

Then there was a more successful performance in the second round of the DPC, followed by the TOP-2, and this was followed by the PGL Arlington Major 2022. At the only major tournament for the yellow-blacks, the TOP-14 also ended in the group stage.

Before the DPC, the team played in the qualifiers for The International, where they took TOP-3 and went to the Last Chance Qualifier. Already at the last chance tournament, the team took TOP-8.

Within the DPC itself, Darksiders became NaVi's first principal rival. The meeting with former players SoNNeiKo, RodjER, Ramzes was not crowned with success for the yellow-blacks. NaVi lost in heavy b3.

Later, NAVI met with Team Spirit. The fight turned out to be just as difficult as the previous one. NAVI lost with a score of 1-2, after which they approached the game against One Move with 0-2 statistics.

The third opponent gave NaVi their first win of the season. Not an easy victory: the match ended with a score of 2-1 in favor of the Born to Win.

The next opponent was HellRaisers. The former captain of NaVI Solo, together with the new team, beat his former teammates with a score of 2-0, sending NAVI to the next round with a 1-3 statistic.

Before the match with VP, NaVi played against BB Team. The duel, naturally, ended with the victory of the latter, although on the second map NAVI showed a very vigorous DotA, but they could not finish it.

Heroes NaVi

In patch 7.32, NaVi picked Clockwerk (7 matches, 57% win rate), Drow Ranger (6 matches, 83% win rate), Primal Beast (6 games, 66% win rate), Ember Spirit (6 matches, 66% win rate) most often.

History of personal confrontations

Previously, the teams did not play against each other in the new season. The duel within DPC 2023: EEU Upper Division will be the debut face-to-face confrontation between the teams.

The outcome of the fight

In this match, I expect an approximately equal game, but I have more faith in NAVI. Obviously, I can pay a lot for this, but what can you do.

The second card against BB inspired and gave faith in the viability of the “born to win”. I do not expect a clear victory, but in general, they can win.

Outcome: victory for NaVi.

Natus Vincere is the 29th team in the world ranking. TI for the team was frankly terrible. We managed to get through the regional qualifiers for the LCQ, but there we placed only on the 7th-8th place, without getting into the main stage. Noone and Solo leave the team, and NickyCool and Malady are taken as replacements. DPC are also starting very sluggishly so far, losing 4 out of 5 matches. Only One Move won, while Darkside, Team Spirit, HR and BB lost in turn. The guys can't find their game yet.

Virtus.Pro is the 3rd team in the CIS region. At the BB Xmas Show, they managed to take 4th place, losing out to Nemiga, Team Spirit and GG, respectively. At the current DPC, they are doing pretty well. Out of 6 matches, they won 3. Outplayed Darkside, Nemiga and OneMove. BetBoom, HR and Team Spirit lost. I expected the worst from them, but the guys surprised me a little.

To be honest, I'm still skeptical about the composition of VP. Navi can no longer lose if they want to have at least some chance, so I would venture to suggest that they will still get together and take the series, because. they really know how to play.

I'm a bettor, I live only by this. I devote all my time to this. There are no more interests.

I have been running my business for quite a long time and have achieved some success in this. Believe me or not - everyone's business. But why not try? Maybe you like this life too!

Natus Vincere win!

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I følge ledende bookmakers spådommer er laget favoritten med gjennomsnittlige odds 1.395 for øyeblikket. Bookmakere anser henholdsvis NaVi for å være kampens outsider med odds på seier på summen av ca. 5.059.

Hvordan presterte deltakerne i de siste kampene

Siste kamper NaVi
5 kamper (seire) 2 [bortevinnerrate_5]
10 kamper (seire) 4 4

Statistikken over personlige kamper mellom lag er også viktig for vellykkede spill. Deltakerne i kampen før møtet spilte 30 kamper med hverandre. I disse kampene fikk NaVi 12 seire mens klarte å ta 18 kamper.