Forutsigelse av kamp: T1 Rookies - DRX Academy | LoL

The hype surrounding the Worlds 2022 has died down, but that doesn't mean competitive League of Legends has been put on hold. We are accelerating before the start of the new competitive season with the LCK Academy 2022 Spring Championship.

The tournament was on pause for the duration of the World Cup, but is returning. Epic comeback - the final week.

Okay perishing with it, with week the. The match sign is what's interesting.

Here we have a repeat of the Worlds 2022 Grand Finals. A duel between T1 and DRX.

Yes, albeit between the academic teams of large clubs, but still, greatness is felt even here. From that there are also expectations regarding the duel.

We are trying to figure out who will be stronger in this confrontation and improve their situation in the standings.

DRX Academy Uniform.

I propose to start the analysis with the academic roster of the club, which became the world champion in 2022. DRX Academy will try to repeat the success of their older colleagues.

Like the backbone of DRX, the academic roster hasn't shined this season, quite the contrary. The performances of the composition can be called a failure. The team consistently participates in the LCK Academy series tournaments, but cannot gain a foothold at the top of the table. LCK Academy 2022 Summer Championship is no exception.

Performance DRX Academy

The competitive season for the DRX youth roster started from the 5th place at the LCK Academy Series Championship Spring 2022. The team played average there, as evidenced by the result. At the DRX event, they took the TOP without passing the group stage.

Then there were two monthly mini-events within the same LCK Academy. At the June LCK Academy Series 2022, the team did not rise above the first round, having been eliminated by Shadow Battlica with a score of 1-2.

Further in August, a similar result. It was possible to smooth out the situation a little for the young “dragons” in September.

At the LCK Academy Series September 2022, the team took the TOP-4, losing in the match for reaching the top-3 against the same Shadow Battlice.

Things are not going well in this championship. The team has actually lost all chances for the playoffs, and one position separates them from the relegation zone. In fact, it is impossible to be relegated, as Freecs Academy and Brion Academy left the championship ahead of schedule.

Before the match with T1 Rookies, DRX Academy has 12 won and 12 lost maps.

DRX Academy roster

  • Frog
  • Gyeom
  • Kyahoo
  • Padeck
  • Maramu
  • Career

The latest addition to the roster is support Career, who will share duties with Maramu. There is no more detailed information about the players - all typical representatives of the youth team.

Heroes DRX Academy

  • Favorite top lane heroes: Aatrox, Senjuani, Renekton.
  • The most common in the forest are Viego, Lee Sin, Nidalil
  • Don't mind playing with Azir, Vex and Ahri in the mid lane
  • Aphelios, Xayah, Caitlyn like to take on the position of ADC.
  • Supports: Renata Glasc, Nautilus, Sett

Form T1 Rookies

Opposing DRX Academy will be T1 Rookies. They have every chance to avenge their colleagues in the club.

I dare to assume that they will be the favorite in this match. Like it or not, T1's approach to generating new talent makes it daunting to call Rookies a favorite.

Also allows performance that is better than DRX. At least in this championship.

T1 Rookies Performance

This season, T1 Rookies are showing similar performance to DRX, with a few tweaks for the better.

So, the team took TOP-16 at the monthly LCK Academy Series in February, then TOP-8 in March.

Increasing results were noticeable within the LCK Academy Series Championship Spring 2022. Then the team got to the 2nd line, losing to Nongshim Academy with a score of 2-3 in the grand final.

In August, the team won its first championship of the year - the local LCK Academy Series August 2022, having outplayed the storm of such events, Shadow Battlica, in the final.

If you can put an end to DRX within the framework of the current event, then T1 Rookies have the prospect of getting into the TOP-4 and going to the playoffs. To do this, you need to stake in the current place.

Before the start of the match, T1 Rookies had 14 won maps with 10 lost.

T1 Rookies line-up

  • Dal
  • van
  • Poby
  • Smash
  • test sup

Apart from support Park Hee-seok with a speaking nickname, there is no point in singling out someone. Everyone except perhaps Van, students of T1. The latter played for Brion Academy and Freecs Academy.

Heroes T1 Rookies

  • The top honors Gwen, Camile and Sion.
  • In the forest they like to play for Graves, Viego and Lee Sin.
  • Central line classic magicians and crocodile: Syndra, Ahri, Renekton.
  • ADC - Kai`sa, Aphelios, Kallista.
  • Supports like Nautilus, Leona and Sett. Basically tanks.

History of personal confrontations

Previously, players in these rosters did not play with each other. This fight will be the debut confrontation between the teams.


In this confrontation, I expect a quality League of Legends. In the case of T1 Academy and DRX Academy, I expect the opposite result of the Worlds 2022 finals. In the youth team, T1 seems to be the better choice, however, in the World Cup finals it seemed the same.

Outcome: T1 Academy victory.

Nå tror flertallet av bookmakerselskapene på T1 Rookies seier. Odds på dem er lik 2.46. I følge bookmakernes data er DRX Academy outsideren og oddsen på seiersbeløpene deres 4.327.

Hvordan presterte deltakerne i de siste kampene

Siste kamper T1 Rookies DRX Academy
5 kamper (seire) 1 [bortevinnerrate_5]
10 kamper (seire) 1 2

Det er også fornuftig å huske statistikken over kampene mellom lagene. Lagene spilte 0 kamper med hverandre tidligere. I disse kampene fikk T1 Rookies 0 seire mens DRX Academy klarte å ta 0 kamper.