Forutsigelse av kamp: Bilibili Gaming - JD Gaming | LoL

After fighting off the constant stream of rumors climbing into all the cracks after the end of Worlds 2022, let's look at a little competitive League of Legends. So also in China.

On the screens of NEST 2022 is one of the most significant tournaments of the off-season. Here you have big names and the opportunity to watch young talents in the race for $90,000.

The tournament is at the stage of the group stages, and therefore we will not be able to see the full picture of the viability of the teams yet. The form bo1 interferes with this.

But he gives reasons for the reckless game. Also not bad, after the academic and high-level Worlds.

We figure out who will be stronger in this b2 and earn extra points for further advancement in the playoff bracket.

Bilibili Gaming Uniform

As a favorite for this match, Bilibili Gaming will approach. The chance of success for this Chinese club is estimated at around 1.5.

A very confident figure, as for a b2 meeting with a fairly solid opponent. There are explanations for this.

If we were talking about the main squads of the clubs, then Bilibili would be in the status of an outsider. Now we are talking about the NEST 2022 tournament, where mainly members of the academic teams play.

However, no one forbade the announcement of the main players, and apparently Bilibili does not refuse such a prospect. This becomes clear from the list of announced Bilibili players.

Bilibili Gaming roster at NEST 2022

  • Bin
  • can
  • pinz
  • doggo
  • Rise
  • jwei
  • Dian
  • duan

Eyes run wide, I understand, but these are the rules here. To be clear, NEST 2022 will most likely be played by the trio of pinz, Rise and Jwei, accompanied by manager Holy and YUZZ.

However, I think Bilibili will release the newcomer Bin, the MSI 2022 champion, on the field. The player joined the club after winning the Major in the middle of last season and a little game practice before the start of the new season will not hurt. If Bin plays in the match, the chances of success will increase many times over.

Performance of Bilibili Gaming (Junior)

Let's talk about Bilibili Gaming Junior, who actually play under their father's tag. In the 2022 season, the main achievement of the young BBG was the victory at the LDL 2022 Spring. After that, they took part in LDL Summer, where they took TOP-4 in the group, but did not rise above 9-12th place in the playoffs.

Heroes of BIlibili Gaming

  • Top lane most often sent to: Gnar (15 matches, 60% wins), Gangplank (10 games, 40% wins), Jax (6 matches, 50% wins), Gwen (5 matches, 40% wins)
  • In the woods: Viego (12 games, 33% win rate), Trundle (4 matches, 75% win rate), Wukong (3 matches, 66% win rate).
  • Mid lane: Sylas (6 games, 50% win rate), Ahri (5 matches, 20% win rate), LeBlanc (4 games, 50% win rate).
  • ADC: Kallista (6 matches, 50% win), Aphelios (6 matches, 33% win), Zeri (83% win, 6 appearances)
  • Supports: Renata Glasc (6 games, 66% wins), Lulu (5 games, 60% wins), Yuumi (80% wins, 5 matches).

J.D. Gaming kit

JD Gaming will play catch-up in this match. The club's chance of winning is estimated at a colossal odds of 15.

Seeing such a figure, you fall into a stupor a little, but later the feelings return. Here we have bo2, with a rather pretentious event format, and therefore it is not necessary to count on a clear victory for anyone, or this happens extremely rarely.

Such an assessment of the bookmaker is most likely related to the approach of Bilibili Gaming to the formation of the roster for this event. It is not clear whether Bin will play or not. Some riddles.

But the fact that the foundation of JD Gaming after Worlds 2022 is on pause is a fact.

JD Gaming roster at NEST 2022

  • Unravel
  • Maggie
  • zzx
  • insulator
  • 1xn
  • Feather

There's no guesswork here. The Joy Dream roster is playing - the youth team of JD Gaming. We can note, for example, Insultor, who managed to play for Ultra Prime, otherwise - the academic staff of the top club.

JD Gaming results (Joy Dream)

Season 2022 for Joy Dream was average. The best result is third place at LDL 2022 Summer, in Group A and TOP-4 in the playoffs. Before that, there were still TOP-8 at the spring draw, where Bilibili Youth ruled the ball.

Heroes JD Gaming

  • Gangplank appeared in the top most often (7 matches, 85% of wins), but Gnar was also (7 matches, 57% of wins).
  • In the woods, Viego performed best (10 matches, 9 wins). Wukong was slightly behind (7 matches, 85% of wins).
  • Ahri played in the center (80% of wins over 15 games). There were also “Chinese” Taliyah (87% of wins in 8 matches).
  • On ADC, either Aphelios (14 matches, 71% win rate) or Ezrael (10 games, 71% win rate).
  • Support used Nautilus (6 matches, 83% win rate) or Lulu (6 matches, 33% win rate).

Match outcome

In this fight, we should expect dominance from Bilibili, but it's too early to completely write off JD. A coefficient of 15 is very tempting, so you can take a chance.

Outcome: victory for JD Gaming.

I følge ledende bookmakers spådommer er laget Bilibili Gaming favoritten med gjennomsnittlige odds 1.377 for øyeblikket. Bookmakere anser henholdsvis JD Gaming for å være kampens outsider med odds på seier på summen av ca. 10.48.

Hvordan presterte deltakerne i de siste kampene

Siste kamper Bilibili Gaming JD Gaming
5 kamper (seire) 3 [bortevinnerrate_5]
10 kamper (seire) 5 9

Vi vil også minne om statistikken over kamper som lagene spilte med hverandre. Deltakerne i kampen før møtet spilte 14 kamper med hverandre. I disse kampene fikk Bilibili Gaming 4 seire mens JD Gaming klarte å ta 10 kamper.