Forutsigelse av kamp: Anyone's Legend - Royal Never Give Up | LoL

The last major tournament of the 2022 season is gaining momentum. At Demacia Cup 2022, the playoffs are swinging, where 8 teams are left in the fight for the champion title.

Earlier we talked about the match between Invictus Gaming and Bilibili Gaming, a worthy confrontation. Our current match also deserves it.

In the second quarterfinal of Demacia Cup 2022, Anyone`s Legend and Royal Never Give Up will meet face to face. The sign you need.

On paper, there should be a rout, but I'm not sure that in practice we will get to that. The off-season spares no one, and even more so the best.

We figure out which of the teams will be stronger and will join the winner of the Invictus Gaming – Bilibili Gaming pair in the semi-finals of Demacia Cup 2022.

Royal Never Give Up Form

Let's start with an overview of the Royal Never Give Up form. “Kings” in this match will perform in the status of a favorite.

Bookmakers give RNG odds around 1.6 to win. The figure is very pleasant and rather high than vice versa.

The fact is that Royal Never Give Up has been recruiting and recruiting since 2019, but the same cannot be said about their counterparts from Anyone's Legend. However, the odds gap hints at some pretty interesting things that could potentially happen.

Royal Never Give Up line-up

"Interesting things" can happen not least because of the permutations in the compositions. As mentioned above, the off-season does not spare anyone.

Royal Never Give Up players

  • Breathe
  • Wei
  • Tangyuan
  • ugly
  • Bunny

So far, such a five has been announced for the match, but it is not a fact that we will see this particular roster in action. The format of the tournament is such that teams can easily use standins and do other shenanigans with the roster.

If we take this five as true, then it will turn out to be pretty good, but not as good as it was before the reshuffle. After Worlds 2022, the team said goodbye to the veteran tag, midlaner Xiaohu, which puts the overall combat power of the roster at risk.

The newcomer Tangyuan replaces the departed star. Xiaohu's legacy will be difficult to carry on and I'm not sure the young performer can handle it.

Performance Royal Never Give Up

In the 2022 season, Royal Never Give Up were one of the leading teams in the region and the world. The team won LPL Spring 2022 and Mid-Season Invitational 2022.

After that, a decline began, which resulted in TOP-6 at LPL Summer 2022 and 2nd place at LPL Regional Finals 2022. Worlds 2022 became the peak tournament, where RNG, being one of the contenders for victory, lost in the quarterfinals to the South Korean grand T1.

Having taken the TOP-8 in the Worlds 2022, the club performed at NEST 2022, where it gave young performers the opportunity to play. The performance was not crowned with success - the team took TOP-9-14.

At Demacia Cup 2022 RNG, we have not yet seen the cases. The team received a direct invitation to the playoffs.

Than playing Royal Never Give Up

Gwen with Gnar for the top lane (12 matches for the first and 10 for the second). Viego and Vi are junglers (the first, quite typical choice - 11 matches, 63% winrate, the second appeared in picks 9 times, 7 wins).

On the mid lane, RNGs are favored by Talliyah (9 matches, 8 wins) and Lissandra (9 games, 7 wins).

The best combination in the bot is Aphelios and Nautilus. ADK has 11 matches and 80% win rate, while the support has 13 games with 61% win rate.

Anyone's Legend Form

We continue the analysis of the match by analyzing the form of Anyone's Legend. The team in this confrontation will perform in the status of an outsider.

Bookmakers give Anyone's Legend odds to win within 2.6. As mentioned above, the gap for automatic preference for the Royal Never Give Up team is not large.

The team itself is only on the way of becoming, therefore, Anyone's Legend will play at the Demacia Cup to the fullest. That is why, from the team you can expect pleasant surprises.

Anyone's Legend line-up

The players of the roster will present these surprises. There was a place for everyone: both experienced participants in the competitive LoL, and budding stars.

Anyone's Legend players

  • Zdz
  • Xiaohao
  • Harder
  • Betty
  • Sword Art

The greatest danger for RNG is a bunch of Betty and SwordArt. The Taiwanese duo-bot has been in the professional scene for a long time and knows how to play League of Legends.

It will be extremely interesting to watch them in opposition to the fresh "kings" ugly and Bunny in the RNG.

Performance of Anyone's Legend

Since the team is essentially new, they did not have time to play at high-level tournaments. However, the team already has games within the titular Chinese LPL franchise.

At the LPL Spring 2022, Anyone's Legend took the TOP-13, and later, in the second split of the LPL Summer 2022, the team took the TOP-11. The last tournament before Demacia Cup 2022 was NEST 2022, where the team finished in a similar RNG 9-14th place.

Unlike RNG, the team started its way to the Demacia Cup 2022 championship from the second stage of the competition. The team outplayed Oh My God with a score of 2-1, after which, thanks to a technical victory, they defeated Rare Atom, reaching the tournament.

What does Anyone's Legend play with?

The top favorites of Anyone's Legend are Camile (55% wins over 9 matches), Gangplank (55% wins over 9 matches), Jax (5 matches, 40% wins).

From the foresters they take Wukong (8 games, 50% of wins), Lee Sin (42% of wins in 7 matches), Viego (7 games and 28% of wins).

In the mid lane, Harder doesn't have a lot of recovery, 1 match on Vex and 1 match on Sylas.

The bot is played by Kalista (57% win rate in 7 matches), Zeri (6 games, 16% win rate), Lucian (60% win rate in 5 matches), Aphelios (3 matches, 33% win rate).

Supports: Amumu (8 games, 50% win rate), Nautilus (6 games, 50% win rate), Nami (5 matches, 60% win rate).

History of personal confrontations

Previously, the teams did not play each other in official matches. This fight will be the debut face-to-face confrontation between the teams.

Match outcome

In this fight, unlike the match between Bilibili and IG, I expect a fight. The weakened Royal Never Give Up does not look like an insurmountable barrier for Anyone's Legend. The latter significantly strengthened the bot-lines, and due to the departure of the RNG mid-liner and part-time headliner of the Xiaohu roster, the mid-laner Royal Never Give Up Harder has every chance to shine.

In this match, I recommend to take a closer look at Anyone's Legend and choose them as the winner.

Bottom line: Anyone's Legend wins.

For øyeblikket ser flertallet av bookmakere enstemmig på laget Royal Never Give Up som favoritten i spillet med gjennomsnittlige odds på seier i summen av 1.738. Anyone's Legend sjanser til å vinne blir evaluert med gjennomsnittlige odds 4.893 av bookmakere.

Hvordan lagene spilte i de siste kampene

Siste kamper Anyone's Legend Royal Never Give Up
5 kamper (seire) 2 [bortevinnerrate_5]
10 kamper (seire) 2 7

Gamblere vil definitivt være interessert i statistikken over personlige møter mellom lagene. Deltakerne i kampen før møtet spilte 13 kamper med hverandre. I disse kampene vant Anyone's Legend 4 ganger, Royal Never Give Up aktive consisits av 9 seire.