Forutsigelse av kamp: Bilibili Gaming - Royal Never Give Up | LoL

Demacia Cup 2022 is taking place in China, the largest event in the region, which gathers all representatives of the region in one place: from grandees, to club academics, from world champions, to amateurs. At the beginning of the race at Demacia Cup 2022, there were 33 teams, and now the top four are left. Playoff semi-finals on our screens

Bilibili Gaming will open the second round of the Demacia Cup playoffs with a match against Royal Never Give Up. The sign is more than worthy, and the match itself promises to be hot.

We figure out which of the teams will become the first finalist of the final tournament before the start of LPL Spring 2023. The format of the meeting is bo5.

Bilibili Gaming Uniform

We open the analysis of the fight with a review of the form of Bilibili Gaming. The Chinese club will appear before us in the status of a favorite.

The bookmakers believe in Bilibili Gaming's victory and give them 1.6 to win. The figure is quite acceptable, given the format of the meeting.

As mentioned in the review of the opening match of the Demacia Cup, and in combination with the first game of the updated Bilibili, in the new season the team can take high places in the Chinese leaderboard. This is facilitated by a refreshed roaster.

Bilibili Gaming roster

The first test of the pen by the new five was successfully overcome. Now the test is more serious, but only in terms of the tag.

Bilibili Gaming players

  • Bin
  • XUN
  • Yagao
  • Elk
  • ON

As expected before the start of the Demacia Cup, the changes were beneficial. The mid lane has clearly received a new boost in the form of star JD Gaming Yagao.

Performance of Bilibili Gaming

Plunging into history, we see a mediocre game for several seasons. Let's dwell on the last one, after which Bilibili Gaming began large-scale rearrangements of the roster.

The team took the TOP-8 at the LPL Spring 2022, after which it fell into the TOP-10 at the LPL Summer 2022. Before the Demacia Cup, they released the youth team on the field as part of NEST 2022, where they took the TOP-3, knocking out, by the way, Invictus Gaming.

By the way, Bilibili shouldn't have played here at all. The club actually replaced TOP Esports at the last moment, but so far everything is going well for them and there are very specific chances for the first grand final of a prestigious tournament in many years.

At Demacia Cup 2022, Bilibili Gaming started their performance from the second stage. There, the team outplayed MAX 2-0 and then lost to ThunderTalk Gaming, but advanced to the playoffs.

In the main stage, Bilibili played against Invictus Gaming in the first match. Bin's team turned out to be a few goals higher, closing the series with a score of 3-0 without any problems.

Heroes of Bilibili Gaming

At Demacia Cup 2022, the team plays a methoo: choose Gwen, Jayce, Graves, for Bin, signature Ryze from Yagao along with Yasuo and Syndra, junglers Kindred, Diana, Vi, shooter Lucian, Varus or Zeri. Supports ON and Jwei have no innovations: Yuumi, Karma, Nami.

Royal Never Give Up Form

We continue the review of the match with an analysis of the form of Royal Never Give Up. “Kings” in the duel will perform in the status of an underdog.

The team's chance of winning is estimated at 2.2. Although the gap is not big, but it is, and not in favor of RNG.

Seeing Royal Never Give Up as a catch-up is difficult, but real: we noticed this within the LPL, we saw it at Worlds as well. But for the team to concede in the second round of the Demacia Cup playoffs, something new.

Royal Never Give Up line-up

The first and perhaps the only reason why Royal Never Give Up plays second fiddle is the team's roster. After the elimination from Worlds 2022 at the TOP-8 stage, the team held a reshuffle having lost the main headliner - Xiaohu.

Royal Never Give Up players

  • Breathe
  • Wei
  • Tangyuan
  • ugly
  • Bunny

However, there is someone to deal with here. Experienced Breathe and Wei can pull the blanket over themselves and drag the team to the grand final.

It is noteworthy that he will play against the former teammate Bin, and Breathe, who came to replace him, had previously played for RNG. This is how the main match will turn out.

Performance Royal Never Give Up

In the 2022 season, Royal Never Give Up were one of the leading teams in the region and the world. The team won LPL Spring 2022 and Mid-Season Invitational 2022.

After that, a decline began, which resulted in TOP-6 at LPL Summer 2022 and 2nd place at LPL Regional Finals 2022. Worlds 2022 became the peak tournament, where RNG, being one of the contenders for victory, lost in the quarterfinals to the South Korean grand T1.

Having taken the TOP-8 in the Worlds 2022, the club performed at NEST 2022, where it gave young performers the opportunity to play. The performance was not crowned with success - the team took TOP-9-14.

At Demacia Cup 2022, RNG started their performance from the first round of the playoffs. They were opposed by not the loudest, but still quite combative at first glance Anyone`s Legend. As a result, RNG closed the series without any problems with a score of 3-0.

Than playing Royal Never Give Up

Gwen with Gnar for the top lane (12 matches for the first and 10 for the second). Viego and Vi are junglers (the first, quite typical choice - 11 matches, 63% winrate, the second appeared in picks 9 times, 7 wins).

On the mid lane, RNGs are favored by Talliyah (9 matches, 8 wins) and Lissandra (9 games, 7 wins).

The best combination in the bot is Aphelios and Nautilus. ADK has 11 matches and 80% win rate, while the support has 13 games with 61% win rate.

History of personal confrontations

In new roster teams with each other. This confrontation will be the first experience of playing together.

Match outcome

In this duel, I expect a hot game, because storylines play a big role in the League of Legends. In the Bilibili Gaming – Royal Never Give Up match, we have a Wei – Bin and Breathe – Bilibili Gaming storyline.

I will give preference to Bilibili, as I believe that the winner of the match will be determined in the middle lane, where Yagao has much more opportunities for domination.

Outcome: victory for Bilibili Gaming.

Nå tror flertallet av bookmakerselskapene på Bilibili Gaming seier. Odds på dem er lik 1.321. I følge bookmakernes data er Royal Never Give Up outsideren og oddsen på seiersbeløpene deres 5.624.

Hva lagets prestasjonsstatistikk sier

Siste kamper Bilibili Gaming Royal Never Give Up
5 kamper (seire) 3 [bortevinnerrate_5]
10 kamper (seire) 7 7

Statistikken over personlige kamper mellom lag er også viktig for vellykkede spill. Deltakerne i kampen før møtet spilte 14 kamper med hverandre. I disse kampene fikk Bilibili Gaming 8 seire mens Royal Never Give Up klarte å ta 6 kamper.