Forutsigelse av kamp: Bilibili Gaming - TT Gaming | LoL

We have reached the culmination of what is happening on the Chinese competitive scene in the outgoing 2022. Demacia Cup has reached the point of climax.

In the largest non-LPL tournament in the world, 33 teams played for the title and the opportunity to take a short break with the winner's cup in hand. 8 made it to the playoffs, and now there are only 2 contenders left.

As part of the Demacia Cup 2022 grand final, Bilibili Gaming and Thunder Talk Gaming will play for the champion title. A sign for the grand final - what you need.

Both teams have not felt the taste of victory for a long time and both teams need a title. First of all, this is necessary to increase self-confidence before the upcoming LPL spring split and the start of the next competitive season.

One bo5 separates the clubs from the first major title in a long time. We will try to predict which of the teams will be able to finish what they started in the first round of the playoffs and become the champion of Demacia Cup 2022.

Bilibili Gaming Uniform

Let's start the review with the first team to reach the final bo5. Bilibili were the first in this final and they will play in it from a position of strength.

The bookmaker estimates Bilibili's chance of winning with odds around 1.5. The figure is quite consistent with their performance during the championship.

Following Bilibili on their way to the grand finals, we can say that they played and, I hope, they will play with might and main. The team does not resort to manipulating the roster and simply gives everything to the maximum, which leads to results. Also, Bilibili will enter the new roster with a roster stronger than it was before.

Bilibili Gaming roster

As mentioned above, Bilibili Gaming picked up a lot after the off-season reshuffle. What are Bin and Yagao worth

Bilibili Gaming players

  • Bin
  • XUN
  • Yagao
  • Elk
  • ON

The duo of cows Yagao and Bin together actually close the rivals during Demacia Cup 2022. Not to say that Bilibili's counterparts took the event seriously, but this is their problem.

Performance of Bilibili Gaming

Plunging into history, we see a mediocre game for several seasons. Let's dwell on the last one, after which Bilibili Gaming began large-scale rearrangements of the roster.

The team took the TOP-8 at the LPL Spring 2022, after which it fell into the TOP-10 at the LPL Summer 2022. Before the Demacia Cup, they released the youth team on the field as part of NEST 2022, where they took the TOP-3, knocking out, by the way, Invictus Gaming.

By the way, Bilibili shouldn't have played here at all. The club actually replaced TOP Esports at the last moment, but so far everything is going well for them and there are very specific chances for the first grand final of a prestigious tournament in many years.

At Demacia Cup 2022, Bilibili Gaming started their performance from the second stage. There, the team outplayed MAX 2-0 and then lost to ThunderTalk Gaming, but advanced to the playoffs.

In the main stage, Bilibili played against Invictus Gaming in the first match. Bin's team turned out to be a few goals higher, closing the series with a score of 3-0 without any problems.

Dali rivals Bilibili became Royal Never Give Up. The “Kings” were unable to oppose anything to those who gained BBG during the event and lost with a score of 0-3.

Heroes of Bilibili Gaming

At Demacia Cup 2022 choose Gwen, Jayce, Graves for Bin, signature Ryze from Yagao along with Yasuo and Syndra, junglers Kindred, Diana, Vi, shooters Lucian, Varus or Zeri. Supports ON and Jwei have no innovations: Yuumi, Karma, Nami.

Thunder Talk Gaming Uniform

Let's continue the review with an analysis of the shape of Thunder Talk Gaming. In this match, they act as an outsider.

Bookmakers estimate their chance of winning with odds around 2.2. The difference is small, but it is there.

In fact, the gap between quotes ensures the approach of the teams to the event. Both are serious, but Bilibili is slightly better in terms of results.

Thunder Talk Gaming roster

Mirroring in relation to the teams is also noticeable in terms of lineups. Like Bilibili, Thunder Talk had a good off-season and managed to improve.

TT Gaming players

  • Hoya
  • Beichuan
  • Ucal
  • huanfeng
  • XinLiu

The most experienced roster performer is huanfeng. The 21-year-old Chinese botlaner managed to play for IG, Suning, Weibo Gaming. The rest of the performers lack stars from the sky, but as a whole they look good.

Thunder Talk Gaming Performance

Thunder Talk Gaming are residents of the LPL, but this does not add up to their success. For 2022, the team showed disgusting results.

The team took the last, 17th place at LPL Spring 2022, and then minimally strengthened its position with 12th place at LPL Summer 2022. The last tournament before Demacia Cup 2022, where TT played, was NEST 2022.

The semi-professional event ended for the club in the TOP-8, which cannot be called a worthy performance. Things improved at Demacia Cup 2022.

The team started the game from the second stage, where their first opponent was Victory Five, and then Bilibili Gaming. Both TT series won 2-1 in wrestling.

In the first playoff match, TT Gaming played against JD Gaming. The latter decided to give free rein to the newcomers and naturally paid the price. Thunder Gaming beat JD Gaming with a crushing 3-0 scoreline.

In the semi-finals, TT defeated another eminent opponent, but with a test roster. EDward Gaming fell from the hands of Thunder Talk with a score of 3-1.

Heroes of TT Gaming

In the top TT Gaming, Gnar (11 matches, 54% wins), Gragas (6 matches, 33% wins), Sejuani (6 matches, 50% wins) most often choose.

Viego (15 games, 33% win rate), Poppy (10 matches, 50% win rate), Wukong (7 games, 28% win rate) favor in the forest.

The center line is most often occupied by Sylas (8 matches, 75% wins), Ahri (6 matches, 33% wins), Azir (5 matches, 100% wins)

Aphelios (10 matches, 30% wins), Jinx (9 matches, 77% wins), Kalista (5 games, 60% wins) appeared in the bot line.

On supports Nautilus (5 matches, 50% win rate), Braum (5 games, 60% win rate), Leona (5 matches, 60% win rate).

History of personal confrontations

Previously, the teams played each other in the second round of Demacia Cup 2022. Then Thunder Talk Gaming won bo3.

Match outcome

I am confident in the brilliance of this fight and I expect the teams to have an approximately equal game. Several factors hint at this.

Firstly, both teams are hungry for victories and the Demacia Cup 2022 champion title can become a kind of saving straw for its owner. Secondly, the teams show good performance during the event itself. Finally, the teams have already met each other and Bilibili will obviously want to get even with their offenders in the second round.

The revenge will take place. Bilibili Gaming will become the champions of Demacia Cup 2022.

Outcome: victory for Bilibili Gaming.

Nå tror flertallet av bookmakerselskapene på Bilibili Gaming seier. Odds på dem er lik 1.268. I følge bookmakernes data er TT Gaming outsideren og oddsen på seiersbeløpene deres 5.766.

Hvordan presterte deltakerne i de siste kampene

Siste kamper Bilibili Gaming TT Gaming
5 kamper (seire) 4 [bortevinnerrate_5]
10 kamper (seire) 8 6

Gamblere vil definitivt være interessert i statistikken over personlige møter mellom lagene.

Konkurrentene har holdt 4 kamper.

I disse kampene vant Bilibili Gaming 2 ganger, TT Gaming aktive consisits av 2 seire.