Forutsigelse av kamp: Edward Gaming - TT Gaming | LoL

We continue to watch what is happening at Demacia Cup 2022, the last major tournament of 2022. In the Chinese region, he brought together the top representatives of the local competitive scene and promising young lineups.

The championship is in the final stages of the playoffs. There are only 3 clubs left in the race for the title and today we will know the name of the second finalist.

EDward Gaming and ThunderTalk Gaming will compete for the right to reach the grand finals of Demacia Cup 2022, the largest tournament in the Chinese region outside the Riot ecosystem.

Demacia Cup 2022 is a great opportunity to see how the canonical favorites and nominal winners test young players and from here come up with very interesting results. This happens, because otherwise we would not have seen ThunderTalk Gaming in this match.

However, they are here, which means they were worthy of their counterparts. Now they have a unique chance to get to the grand finals of a prestigious event and get a morale boost for the start of the next competitive season.

The format of the meeting is bo5.

EDward Gaming Uniform

We start the analysis of the match with the analysis of the form of EDward Gaming. In this match, they will be catching up in the series.

The bookmakers do not believe in the triumph of EDG and give them odds of around 3.2 to win. The team is charged to play, unlike some other venerable representatives of the LPL in the framework of Demacia Cup 2022,

After the reshuffle, the Worlds 2022 champions analyze the roster for the upcoming season. That is why they brought a record number of participants from the starting roster to Demacia Cup 2022.

Worlds 2022 squad

A classic example of "hodgepodge". However, the only headliner is Xiaoxiang, who comes from an academician, but with experience playing in the LPL against serious opponents.

  • Xiaoxiang
  • JunJia
  • Cyku
  • Fisher
  • leave
  • Xiamu
  • doG8
  • Mni

After Worlds 2021, where EDG became world champions, the team fell into disrepair. It is not yet clear whether they will be able to recover, and even if they can, it will be seen much later: at least at the LPL spring split, at the maximum somewhere closer under Worlds 2023.

At Demacia Cup 2022, the team is in the role of a free artist: experimenting and experimenting again. So far, the conditions for this are more than suitable.

EDward Gaming Performance

At the last Worlds 2022, the team, as expected, reached the playoffs, but stopped at the TOP-8 stage. Their path was blocked by the future DRX champions, who overtook their counterparts after being 0-2 behind.

Then there was a much more representative NEST 2022. In a tournament designed entirely for testing young players, EDward Gaming took first place, and by the way, the trio of Fisher, Leave and Xiamu raised the champion's cup.

At Demacia Cup 2022, EDward Gaming started their journey from the playoff stage. The team won the first match against Huya MOJ, beating the opponents with a score of 3-1.

Heroes of EDward Gaming

The top lane featured Gnar (9 matches, 55% win rate), Gangplank (7 matches, 57% win rate).

In the jungle, the most consistent pick for base jungler, JieJie, was Viego (9 matches, 55% win rate).

Azir (8 matches, 62% of wins) or Corki with Taliyah appeared in the central line: both had 5 matches and 60% of wins for the first, with 100% of wins for the second.

Thunder Talk Gaming

We continue the review with an analysis of the Thunder Talk Gaming team. The team in this match will play the role of second violin.

Bookmakers believe more in the success of TT Gaming, and the gap is sufficient, because the odds for winning the first are near 1.4. Thunder Talk Gaming look cheerful in the context of Demacia Cup 2022, which is noticeable by their game.

Nominally being a team of a lower class, Thunder Talk Gaming play seriously, do not allow themselves to be imposing and generally look very cool. At least that's how they looked.

TT Gaming roster

At Demacia Cup 2022, the teams are in the same conditions. At least in terms of rosters, since the giants, whether it's JD Gaming or EDward Gaming, are testing young performers, but Thunder Talk is fully prepared for the start of the new season with might and main.

TT Gaming players

  • Hoya
  • Beichuan
  • Ucal
  • huanfeng
  • XinLiu

The most experienced roster performer is huanfeng. The 21-year-old Chinese botlaner managed to play for IG, Suning, Weibo Gaming. The rest of the performers lack stars from the sky, but as a whole they look good.

Thunder Talk Gaming Performance

Thunder Talk Gaming are residents of the LPL, but this does not add up to their success. For 2022, the team showed disgusting results.

The team took the last, 17th place at LPL Spring 2022, and then minimally strengthened its position with 12th place at LPL Summer 2022. The last tournament before Demacia Cup 2022, where TT played, was NEST 2022.

The semi-professional event ended for the club in the TOP-8, which cannot be called a worthy performance. Things improved at Demacia Cup 2022.

The team started the game from the second stage, where their first opponent was Victory Five, and then Bilibili Gaming. Both TT series won 2-1 in wrestling.

In the first playoff match, TT Gaming played against JD Gaming. The latter decided to give free rein to the newcomers and naturally paid the price. Thunder Gaming beat JD Gaming with a crushing 3-0 scoreline.

Heroes of TT Gaming

In the top TT Gaming, Gnar (11 matches, 54% wins), Gragas (6 matches, 33% wins), Sejuani (6 matches, 50% wins) most often choose.

Viego (15 games, 33% win rate), Poppy (10 matches, 50% win rate), Wukong (7 games, 28% win rate) favor in the forest.

The center line is most often occupied by Sylas (8 matches, 75% wins), Ahri (6 matches, 33% wins), Azir (5 matches, 100% wins)

Aphelios (10 matches, 30% wins), Jinx (9 matches, 77% wins), Kalista (5 games, 60% wins) appeared in the bot line.

On supports Nautilus (5 matches, 50% win rate), Braum (5 games, 60% win rate), Leona (5 matches, 60% win rate).

History of personal confrontations

Previously, the teams did not play each other in these lineups. The match within the framework of Demacia Cup 2022 will be the debut head-to-head confrontation between the clubs.

Match outcome

In this fight, I expect to see the fight. Constant 3-0 in the playoffs is depressing, but our case is a real opportunity to see competitive play from both sides.

Firstly, EDward Gaming won NEST 2022, where the youth team played and three of which will play in this match (with a high degree of probability, given that 8 players were announced at once). The second is Thunder Talk Gaming, who moved JD Gaming in the previous match.

Nevertheless, the advantage is for EDG. I think they can repeat the success of the last NEST and reach the final, at least.

Outcome: victory for EDward Gaming.

For øyeblikket ser flertallet av bookmakere enstemmig på laget TT Gaming som favoritten i spillet med gjennomsnittlige odds på seier i summen av 1.321. Edward Gaming sjanser til å vinne blir evaluert med gjennomsnittlige odds 5.587 av bookmakere.

Hva er suksessene til lagene i de siste kampene

Siste kamper Edward Gaming TT Gaming
5 kamper (seire) 5 [bortevinnerrate_5]
10 kamper (seire) 8 6

Gamblere vil definitivt være interessert i statistikken over personlige møter mellom lagene. Lagene spilte 5 kamper med hverandre tidligere. I disse kampene fikk Edward Gaming 5 seire mens TT Gaming klarte å ta 0 kamper.