Forutsigelse av kamp: TT Gaming - JD Gaming | LoL

We continue to review the playoffs of Demacia Cup 2022. The last match of the quarterfinals is next in line.

ThunderTalk Gaming and JD Gaming will play for the right to go to the semifinals. Here, as in most matches of the first round of the playoffs, there is a serious difference in the status of the teams.

On the one hand, we have JD Gaming, which have become tops, but in an updated form, on the other, ThunderTalk Gaming, which has been marking time for a long time. For each of the teams the tournament is important in its own way.

JD Gaming will be testing the updated roster, and therefore you can expect not the most confident game and performance from them, even despite the top players in the roster. ThunderTalk will try to make a qualitative leap, which they need at least to raise morale.

J.D. Gaming kit

We start our analysis with JD Gaming uniforms. In this confrontation, they are expected to be in the status of a favorite.

Bookmakers give JD Gaming odds around 1.7 to win. Of all the quarter-finals, this is the highest quotation for the favorite.

The bookmakers are not completely sure about the viability of the updated JD Gaming and it is not surprising. After Worlds 2022, the team left for the off-season and preparation for the new season.

JD Gaming roster

For the updated roster, Demacia Cup 2022 will be the first tournament before the important LPL Spring 2023. At the reshuffle, we managed to collect a very fighting five.

JD Gaming Players

  • 369
  • zzx
  • Knight
  • 1xn
  • Missing

What we see at Demacia Cup 2022 is not even the peak of JD Gaming, but also Ruler and Kanavi, but even without them it looks very presentable. The trio 369, Knight and Missing will help young performers adjust.

JD Gaming Performance

Since the backbone of JD Gaming was saved, we can mention their performance for 2022. Before Demacia Cup 2022, the team managed to score at almost every significant tournament.

The team took the TOP-4 at LPL Spring 2022, after which they secured their performance with the championship at LPL Summer 2022. The victory at the summer split brought JD Gaming a slot at Worlds 2022, where the best Chinese team played as a favorite.

JD Gaming's path within Worlds 2022 ended at the TOP-4 stage. In the match for reaching the grand final, the Chinese lost to T1.

At Demacia Cup 2022, JD Gaming has not started their performance yet. The team received a direct invitation to the playoffs and the match against ThunderTalk will be their debut.

Heroes JD Gaming

Gangplank appeared in the top most often (7 matches, 85% of wins), but Gnar was also (7 matches, 57% of wins).

In the woods, Viego performed best (10 matches, 9 wins). Wukong was slightly behind (7 matches, 85% of wins).

Ahri played in the center (80% of wins over 15 games). There were also “Chinese” Taliyah (87% of wins in 8 matches).

On ADK, either Aphelios (14 matches, 71% win rate) or Ezrael (10 games, 71% win rate).

Support used Nautilus (6 matches, 83% win rate) or Lulu (6 matches, 33% win rate).

TT Gaming Uniform

TT Gaming players will face JD Gaming in the updated format. The team will play in the match in the status of an underdog.

The chance of TT Gaming winning, according to bookmakers, is 1.8. The difference in the balance of power is minimal.

It is not yet clear why there is so much faith in TT Gaming. The only thing that comes to mind is that they managed to play out in the Demacia Cup.

TT Gaming roster

In terms of names, the TT Gaming roster is hardly comparable to their star counterparts. The team is not without names, but they are far from the level of JD Gaming mastodons.

TT Gaming players

  • Hoya
  • Beichuan
  • Ucal
  • huanfeng
  • XinLiu

The most experienced roster performer is huanfeng. The 21-year-old Chinese botlaner has played for IG, Suning, Weibo Gaming and will now mentor younger teammates.

Thunder Talk Gaming Performance

Thunder Talk Gaming are residents of the LPL, but this does not add up to their success. For 2022, the team showed disgusting results.

The team took the last, 17th place at LPL Spring 2022, and then minimally strengthened its position with 12th place at LPL Summer 2022. The last tournament before Demacia Cup 2022, where TT played, was NEST 2022.

The semi-professional event ended for the club in the TOP-8, which cannot be called a worthy performance. Things improved at Demacia Cup 2022.

The team started the game from the second stage, where their first opponent was Victory Five, and then Bilibili Gaming. Both TT series won 2-1 in wrestling.

Heroes of TT Gaming

In the top TT Gaming, Gnar (11 matches, 54% wins), Gragas (6 matches, 33% wins), Sejuani (6 matches, 50% wins) most often choose.

Viego (15 games, 33% win rate), Poppy (10 matches, 50% win rate), Wukong (7 games, 28% win rate) favor in the forest.

The center line is most often occupied by Sylas (8 matches, 75% wins), Ahri (6 matches, 33% wins), Azir (5 matches, 100% wins)

Aphelios (10 matches, 30% wins), Jinx (9 matches, 77% wins), Kalista (5 games, 60% wins) appeared in the bot line.

On supports Nautilus (5 matches, 50% win rate), Braum (5 games, 60% win rate), Leona (5 matches, 60% win rate).

History of personal confrontations

Previously, the teams did not play each other in official matches. The teams will play their first debut match in the playoffs of Demacia Cup 2022.

Match outcome

In this duel, expect a fierce fight. That's what the bookies think.

In fact, I don’t see how TT will take bo5. Yes, they played well in the second stage, outplaying several big teams, but given the fact that some use the Demacia Cup strictly as a training ground, such performance does not inspire too much optimism.

Purely on a performer level, JD Gaming should be picking up the series.

Outcome: victory for JD Gaming.

Nå tror flertallet av bookmakerselskapene på TT Gaming seier. Odds på dem er lik 1.178. I følge bookmakernes data er JD Gaming outsideren og oddsen på seiersbeløpene deres 6.44.

Hvordan presterte deltakerne i de siste kampene

Siste kamper TT Gaming JD Gaming
5 kamper (seire) 3 [bortevinnerrate_5]
10 kamper (seire) 5 7

Det vil også være nødvendig å nevne historien om ansikt til ansikt møter mellom motstanderne. Konkurrentene har holdt 5 kamper. Og TT Gaming vant 0 ganger mens JD Gaming tilsvarende ble vinneren 5 ganger.