Forutsigelse av kamp: DRX - LOUD | VALORANT

Forecast DRX - LOUD

We return to the playoffs of Valorant Champions 2022. Today we are moving to the upper bracket, where, in the first round of the semi-finals, there will be a meeting between representatives of Brazil - LOUD, and opponents represented by DRX from Korea. Previously, the teams did not hold face-to-face meetings, and today they will have to determine the strongest in the bo3 format.


The Brazilian team finished the group stage in 2nd place in the overall standings. The team played its first match against the Japanese from ZETA DIVISION, and without much difficulty earned the victory of Ascent (13-8), Fracture (13-9). Further in the match, the North American tops from OpTic Gaming awaited them, as a result, the team earned losses on three maps Breeze (13-7), Fracture (10-13), Pearl (3-13). In the last match, former opponents of ZETA DIVISION again expected them, and a repeat of the last meeting Bind (13-11), Ascent (13-5).

The team played the first match in the playoffs against the Chileans from Leviatan, and as a result of a hard victory on Icebox (14-12), Haven (13-6), they earned a place in the semi-finals.

The result of the latest matches at Valorant Champions 2022

  • Victory over ZETA DIVISION - 2:0
  • Victory over ZETA DIVISION - 2:0
  • Victory over FunPlus Phoenix - 2:0
  • Lost to OpTic Gaming - 1:2

LOUD map statistics

  • Bind 89% in 9 matches
  • Haven 80% in 10 matches
  • Ascent 94% in 18 matches
  • Icebox 83% in 12 matches

On their maps, the team plays better on the defense side: Haven 64% wins on defense vs. 63% on attack, Ascent 74% wins on defense vs. 59% on attack, Icebox 66% wins on defense vs. 57% on attack, on Bind the situation is reversed 68% of wins for attack, against 58% for defense.

Most popular heroes in the last 60 days: Less - Chamber (64), Viper (66), panacada - Brimstone (24), Omen (103), Sacy - Fade (104), Sova (85), aspas - Raze (88), Jett (59), saadhak - KAY/O (101), Viper (45).

Form DRX

The Korean team finished the group stage as a favorite, in first place in the table. The players played their first match against the little-known Brazilian club FURIA Esports, and the result was expected, a victory at Ascent (16-14) with additional rounds, and an easy victory at Haven (13-4). Representatives of North America 100 Thieves expected the winners in the match, but the Koreans coped with them too, Breeze (18-16), Fracture (13-9).

After getting into the playoffs, the team met with the Europeans from FunPlus Phoenix. Hardly defeating opponents on their selection Ascent (19-17), the Koreans easily closed the phoenixes on their pick Breeze (13-5), thus securing a place in the semi-finals.

The result of the latest matches at Valorant Champions 2022

  • Victory over FURIA Esports - 2:0
  • Victory over 100 Thieves - 2:0
  • Victory over FunPlus Phoenix - 2:0

DRX Card Statistics

  • Bind 73% over 45 matches
  • Haven 88% in 67 matches
  • Split 89% in 46 matches
  • Ascent 80% in 51 matches

On their maps, the team plays well for both sides: Bind equal values of 60% of wins for the defense side versus 60% for the attack side, Haven 66% of wins for the attack and 61% for the defense, Split 69% of wins for the defense versus 58% for the attack, Ascent 63% wins defending versus 58% attacking.

Most popular heroes in the last 60 days: stax - Skye (111), Fade (88), Rb - Jett (78), KAY/O (88), Zest - Sova (199), Fade (93), BuZz - Chamber (138), Jett (135), MaKo-Viper (111), Astra (107).

Match prediction

So far, the most interesting match since the start of the playoffs, where both teams are strong and there is no clear favorite. The Brazilians showed an average performance from the beginning of the season, winning only a silver medal at the Masters Reykjavik. Representatives of Korea cannot even boast of such a result, both Masters for them ended in 5-6th place. The difference between the teams is only in experience, and here the advantage is for DRX, whose members previously played in full for Vision Striker. In any case, the match promises to be very exciting, and at any moment one of the teams can seize the initiative, but my vote is for DRX.

Outcome: DRX victory

Alle bookmakere har blitt enige om at LOUD er favoritten. Dette kan legges merke til fordi oddsen på dem er 2.006. Dette tallet i favør av DRX beløper seg til 2.988. Henholdsvis de siste er underdogs i den kommende kampen.

Hvordan lagene spilte i de siste kampene

Siste kamper DRX LOUD
5 kamper (seire) 3 [bortevinnerrate_5]
10 kamper (seire) 8 7

Det er også fornuftig å huske statistikken over kampene mellom lagene. Lagene spilte 0 kamper med hverandre tidligere. Og DRX vant 0 ganger mens LOUD tilsvarende ble vinneren 0 ganger.