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FunPlus Phoenix Prediction - DRX

We continue to analyze the outgoing Valorant Champions 2022. Today we will move to the lower bracket, where, as part of the semifinals, there will be a meeting between representatives of Europe - FunPlus Phoenix, and opponents from Korea - DRX. Previously, the teams met in head-to-head matches three times, according to the results of DRX, they won 2 victories, in turn, Phoenix won one. Today they will have to identify the strongest participant who will continue his performance at the tournament. Format, as before bo3.

FunPlus Phoenix shape

The European team finished the group stage in 2nd place in the overall standings. In the first match, the Phoenixes met with the Chileans from KRU Esports, as a result of which they earned their first victory, Icebox (14-12), Bind (13-10). Following the defeat from the North Americans from XSET on three maps, Pearl (7-13), Fracture (13-4), Breeze (5-13). In the last match, the team once again defeated KRU Esports, Icebox (13-9), Ascent (13-4) dry.

After making the playoffs, the Phoenix faced future DRX opponents and fell to the underdog as a result. The team was unable to confirm their choice of Ascent (17-19) in 12 additional rounds, and gave away the map of the opponents to Breeze (13-5) without a fight. After hitting the loser, the representatives of Europe defeated the Chileans Levitan dry on Icebox (13-6) and Ascent (13-11). In the quarter-finals of the lower bracket, Phoenix had a tense skirmish with XSET, which even included a replay of the last round on Ascent, Pearl (11-13), Bind (13-10), Ascent (16-14).

The result of the latest matches at Valorant Champions 2022

  • Victory over KRU Esports - 2:0
  • Victory over KRU Esports - 2:0
  • Victory over Leviatan - 2:0
  • Victory over XSET - 2:1
  • Lost to XSET - 1:2

FunPlus Phoenix Card Statistics

  • Bind 70% for 53 matches
  • Haven 72% in 46 matches
  • Split 70% in 46 matches
  • Ascent 77% in 39 matches

On their maps, the team plays well for both sides: Bind 61% of wins for the attack side, against 54% of wins for the defense side, Haven 59% of wins for defense against, 54% of wins for the attack, Split almost equal results of 57% of wins for the offensive, against 58% wins on defense, Ascent 59% wins on defense, vs 57% wins on offense.

Most played heroes in the last 360 days: SUYGETSU - Viper (340), Sage (143), Shao - Fade (341), Sage (124), ardiis - Chamber (294), KAY/O (148), Zyppan - KAY/ O (204), Raze (326), ANGE1 - Omen (274), Fade (108).

Form DRX

The Korean team finished the group stage in first place in the overall standings. The players played their first match against the Brazilians from FURIA Esports, and being the favorite, they easily confirmed their title, Ascent (16-14), Haven (13-4). In the match of the winners, an intense battle with 100 Thieves awaited them, as a result of which, DRX advanced to the playoffs, Breeze (18-16), Fracture (13-9).

After advancing to the playoffs, the team met with future opponents FunPlus Phoenix, as I wrote above, as a result of a dry victory on two maps, Ascent (19-17), Breeze (13-5). In the semi-final of the upper bracket, DRX faced the Brazilian giants from LOUD, and lost on both maps, Breeze (11-13), Haven (6-13). After hitting the loser, they were expected to meet with representatives of Europe - Fnatic, and as a result of winning on three maps Icebox (7-13), Ascent (14-12), Fracture (13-9), the team continued its performance in the tournament.

The result of the latest matches at Valorant Champions 2022

  • Victory over FURIA Esports - 2:0
  • Victory over 100 Thieves - 2:0
  • Victory over FunPlus Phoenix - 2:0
  • Victory over Fnatic - 2:1
  • Defeat from LOUD - 0:2

DRX Card Statistics

  • Bind 73% over 45 matches
  • Haven 87% in 68 matches
  • Split 89% in 46 matches
  • Ascent 81% in 52 matches

On their maps, the team plays well for both sides: Bind equal values of 60% of victories for the defense side vs., Ascent 63% wins defending vs. 57% attacking.

Most popular heroes in the last 60 days: stax - Breach (80), Fade (114), Rb - Chamber (76), KAY/O (114), Zest - Sova (210), Fade (98), BuZz - Chamber (84), Jett (224), MaKo-Viper (96), Astra (114).

Match prediction

The meeting promises to be very interesting, especially since this is a relegation match. On the one hand, the Korean DRX tops, which performed well during both the group stage and in the past playoff matches. On the other hand, the top 1 in Europe, with excellent statistics for the season, and a good performance at the World Cup. Separately, I would like to note the Phoenix's love for the lower bracket, a vivid example of this, which took place at Masters Copenhagen, where the team reached the grand final through a loser, from where it emerged as a winner. I think in this match the Europeans will continue their victorious march to the final.

Outcome: FunPlus Phoenix win

Alle bookmakere har blitt enige om at DRX er favoritten. Dette kan legges merke til fordi oddsen på dem er 1.802. Dette tallet i favør av FunPlus Phoenix beløper seg til 4.513. Henholdsvis de siste er underdogs i den kommende kampen.

Hva er suksessene til lagene i de siste kampene

Siste kamper FunPlus Phoenix DRX
5 kamper (seire) 3 [bortevinnerrate_5]
10 kamper (seire) 8 7

Statistikken over personlige kamper mellom lag er også viktig for vellykkede spill. Lagene spilte 3 kamper med hverandre tidligere. I disse kampene vant FunPlus Phoenix 1 ganger, DRX aktive consisits av 2 seire.