Forutsigelse av kamp: Complexity Gaming - Evil Geniuses | CS:GO

Complexity and Evil Geniuses will meet in the first round of the Play-In stage at BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2023. It's hard to call this meeting a cultural one. However, "Evil Geniuses" showed at least something in the group, while Complexity was mercilessly disgraced.

It is clear that in the derby, no past matches have any meaning, but let me - with such a terrible game, Complexity has nothing to do at TIER-1 level at all.

Against this background, Evil Geniuses looks like some kind of giant, because the guys not only managed to beat Heroic, but also took the card from the uncompromising Danes for the second time.

Therefore, here I would take a closer look at the "Evil Geniuses", which of two evils is clearly the lesser of the possible jokes. Well, I would not like to talk about Complexity, since I personally have not seen such a shame for a long time.

Complexity form

The 22nd team in the world ranking generally failed at Elisa Masters Espoo 2022, but they still showed a decent game there and were one step away from getting into the playoffs.

At the end of the season, the North American team won two ESEA Autumn 2022 Cash Cups, and also managed to reach the semi-finals of CCT North America Series 2.

However, all intermediate successes were crossed out at the start of BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2023, where Complexity suffered two humiliating defeats from FaZe Clan and Team Liquid.

In general, the situation is such that the team is not ready for high speeds at all, and it is much inferior in shooting to its rivals. From this, I see no reason to think that the team will suddenly wake up and squeeze out at least one victory.

Latest Complexity results:

  • Victory over Eclipse with a score of 2:0.
  • Victory over TeamOne with a score of 2:1.
  • Lost to Nouns Esports with a score of 0:2.
  • Defeated by FaZe Clan with a score of 0:2.
  • Lost to Team Liquid with a score of 0:2.

Best Complexity maps:

  • Nuke - 75% win rate.
  • Overpass - 64% of wins.

It is interesting that the Complexity team managed to play on the Anubis map, but it would be better if they did not disgrace themselves.

Evil Geniuses form

The 21st team in the world ranking ended last season even sadder, as they failed at ESEA Autumn 2022 Cash Cup 7 North America.

Nevertheless, at the start of the group stage of BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2023, the North American team surprised with a plus sign, having managed to outplay Evil Geniuses.

It is clear that this victory was made possible thanks to luck, and the subsequent defeat by Vitality is proof of this.

And even though the team lost to Heroic for the second time, Evil Geniuses managed to catch the map there too. In general, the North Americans are in an ordinary position, but against the background of their next opponent, they seem like an obvious favorite.

Evil Geniuses latest results:

  • Defeat from ATK with a score of 1:2.
  • Technical defeat by Nouns Esports.
  • Victory over Heroic with a score of 2:1.
  • Defeat from Vitality with a score of 0:2.
  • Defeat from Heroic with a score of 1:2.

Best Evil Geniuses cards:

  • Nuke - 67% of wins.
  • Overpass - 57% of wins.

It is worth saying that in the last matches the North American team refused the Anubis card.

Complexity vs Evil Geniuses match statistics

The teams have not yet met in the current lineups.

Complexity vs Evil Geniuses Prediction

It's hard for me to find words to describe the game Complexity. I just don’t want to use obscene vocabulary, because this team clearly does not deserve so many emotions.

So it's better to stop at Evil Geniuses and play from the opposite side. Did the guys play well in the group? Yes! Wrestled? Yes! Perhaps that will be enough.

Therefore, in this case, I would recommend betting on the victory of the Evil Geniuses team.

Alle bookmakere har blitt enige om at Complexity Gaming er favoritten. Dette kan legges merke til fordi oddsen på dem er 1.499. Dette tallet i favør av Evil Geniuses beløper seg til 7.489. Henholdsvis de siste er underdogs i den kommende kampen.

Lagstatistikk i de siste kampene

Siste kamper Complexity Gaming Evil Geniuses
5 kamper (seire) 2 [bortevinnerrate_5]
10 kamper (seire) 7 2

Det vil også være nødvendig å nevne historien om ansikt til ansikt møter mellom motstanderne. Deltakerne i kampen før møtet spilte 4 kamper med hverandre. I disse kampene fikk Complexity Gaming 2 seire mens Evil Geniuses klarte å ta 2 kamper.